About Our Business

Global Apparels Group is a B2B Finnish garment, shoes and its accessories’ supplier based in Vantaa, Finland with market coverage in Nordics,UK,Germany,other European countries and India. We are the virtual factory grid managed by effective supply chain management through a wide range of compliant factories, and raw material suppliers. And that help us to offer quality products at very competitive price.Few of these supply facilities are owned by us. We provide brands, retailers and other businesses with agile and tailored end-to-end supply chain solutions.

We optimize the process and resources of our large supply chain network in such a way that it reduces the wastage, improve efficiency during entire product life cycle that in turn minimize the cost. We have stringent quality assurance and quality control processes at each of quality gates that ensures high quality products. Our supply chain network is composed of cohesive integration of tiny components that in turn offers agility in our services. Our services can be scaled up and scaled down depending on sales, demand forecast and changed business situations.

It is always our endeavour to continuously improve our supply chain capability and our services. Hence we will always focus to develop strategies and make investments in people and locations that enhance our ability to provide our customers with timely product availability and delivery. We continue to assess our manufacturing footprint to ensure we have the best infrastructure to meet the future needs of our businesses.

We are committed to the health, safety and well-being of the staff and workers throughout our supply chain. We always ensure the integrity of our products. We work very hard to impart training to our associates and partners and improve factory conditions, as well as continue to invest in the communities where we do business.