At Global Apparels, we are very sensitive towards our corporate social responsibilities (CSR). We are very determined to protect the human rights within our supply chain eco-system, preserve the environment and help communities where we live, work and operate.

The CSR initiatives have following core agendas:

  1. Our company or our supply chain partners will not use child or forced labour.
  2. Our staffs and workers will not work beyond reasonable working hours and will have access to hygienic and safe working conditions.
  3. There will not be any discrimination based on but not limited to gender, age, race or race related grounds, religion, beliefs. Everyone will have equal opportunity to work and perform. We are committed to use diversity as our key strength and use this as platform to learn, innovate and raise the performance benchmark.
  4. Our products will be safe to use and therefore will not use any harmful substances.
  5. Preserving the environment is key to our supply chain framework. We continuously look for more sustainable ways to operate, produce and sell products.
  6. We have decided ourselves to engage more in philanthropic initiatives from 2016. We believe that only monetary assistance does not yield great result if communities are not uplifted. Hence, we will invest into our building the right skills and right capabilities to make the communities self-dependent.
  7. We strive constantly to reduce the environmental impact of our entire life cycle including production, packing and logistics and to help our customers, subcontractors and suppliers strive for the same. We aspire to be energy- and material-efficient. We select the most ecological materials for our products. Of late, we have started development of various recyclable products.